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Tavs unlucky not to progress into Quarter Finals

Tavs hosted league 1’s Kingswood Saturday in the 3rd round of the Junior North County Cup. In storm like conditions Tavs started the game fiercely and dominated the first half with the away team struggling to get out of their own half. After wave of attacks it wasn’t long before Dean Neale scored from Mikey T’s Crossfield freekick. Tavs were unlucky not to double their league as shots from Neale, SL-J and Harley Hudd narrowly missed the target or were saved by some outstanding goal keeping which kept Kingswood in the game. Despite the run of play Kingswood managed to equalise after a through ball between the centre backs caused a moment of confusion which resulted in the Kingswood striker able to place the ball in the back of net.

Halftime 1-1

The Second half saw Tavs experience the effects of the wind as shortly after halftime a rogue shot from outside the box was hard for Connor to judge and unfortunately rolled passed him into the net. Despite this Tavs maintained their hunger to win and created a range of chances from all over the pitch. As the game progressed closer to the final whistle Tavs pushed forward exposing Connor who became unstuck when the Kingswood striker managed to pinch the ball from his feet a pass the ball into the empty goal.

Fulltime 1-3 Kingswood

A better performance by Tavs despite the result in tricky conditions.

Man of the Match Jonty O’Leary

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